Alan Gillies

name Alan Gillies is the Founder and Managing Director of L2L, he has over 20 years experience in Blue Chip organisations spanning Banking to Pharmaceuticals. His roles have included Sales & Marketing, Senior Management, Account Management and Business Development

Alan has extensive hands on experience across a wide range of business disciplines including Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management, Sales Force Effectiveness, Project Management and development of Competency based Monitoring and Measurement Systems.

His management experience includes National and International roles where he has been responsible for over 200 staff as well as having full P&L responsibility for his Business. He has worked in many countries across Europe including but not limited to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece, France, Germany, Portugal and Belgium.

Alan is dedicated to bringing the highest standard of service to all clients and companies he works with. He is passionate about ensuring that the input you receive gets the outcomes that you need. His commitment and energy combined with a down to earth and fun approach ensures that your time will be productive, fun and will help you get the results you need.

Where Does the Sales Process Begin and End?

10th July 2009
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How to Realize Your Dreams of Success through Business Coaching

08th July 2009
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How to Achieve Business Success Through Key Motivational Tips

05th July 2009
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How to Find Out if You're Ready for a Business Coach

29th June 2009
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How to Establish Long Term Relationships With Customers

16th April 2009
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7 Key Elements of Powerful Leadership Ability

19th March 2009
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Staff Cross Training

17th March 2009
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